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Vermont ice cream makers knew Millennials craved to tell them about flavors

The Challenge
A New England premium ice cream brand reached out to us to help them determine purchase intent. Translation: They wanted us to be their lodestar to finding their Next Big Thing – a frozen treat which appealed to everyone from first graders to foodies. They also wanted results that represented the bottom line – meaning findings which wouldn’t require further analyzing. Finally, they insisted that the results not reflect the bias inherent in traditional “What Do You Think?” studies.

The FastFocus Solution 
Their Brand Manager was keen that our offering would diverge from the outcome of a traditional survey, which typically asks participants what they think they’d buy. Instead, they chose FastFocus because our tool simulates a shopping experience, so that it predicts what a shopper would actually do.

In the past, these sugar shamans had used a combination of ranked order surveys, focus groups, and interviews. As most brands do. But given that their culture and products are innovative and agile, they found this process plodding, not to mention — costly.

While our study was fielded to the general population, it had the ability to filter the results by demographic age, enabling them to connect with Millennials, who represent their key – and majority – demographic.


The Outcome

Our winner did best or second best across all categories. When the brand conducted commercial pilots, the FastFocus methodology was vindicated.

In spring 2020, their new flavor will debut. This was our initial engagement with this market leader, the first of many.

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