Bring your own customers or let us help you source study participants


We work with a select group of partners who specialize in populating your FastFocus studies according to your precise criteria. Or, if you really want to embrace cutting-edge technology, you can take a spin with AI-driven “persona” bots to refine your ideas while leveraging their expertise in machine learning.



Paris-based Toluna has pioneered “Insights on Demand” — a new category in market research. 

Toluna provides access to highly engaged, well-profiled survey respondents available to participate in FastFocus studies and provide observed insights when you need it most — now. The Toluna Influencers Community is 30 Million strong – the world’s largest social voting community. They are loyal, trustworthy and completely candid. Toluna members share their attitudes, behaviors & lifestyles, information enabling Toluna to tailor its samples to suit your sampling needs. Toluna has worked with everyone from Amazon to Unilever, Conde Nast to L’Oreal, and Cisco to Dyson.


C Space

C-Space’s “Customer as a Service” (CaaS) provides a system to align a company with what really matters to customers and what most effectively drives business growth. It is a suite of always-on solutions that invite the customer into business to solve challenges at every level. Similar to how companies utilize Software as a Service (SaaS), Customer as a Service allows companies to integrate customers across their business. Not just customers’ data -- but the actual customers that FastFocus can tap for insights. C-Space centers the customer in a company’s business.


Persona Panels

Together, PersonaPanels and FastFocus offer a Millennial idea generation and market prediction system using a combination of Millennial AI bots, and a FastFocus’ gamified predictive virtual shopping experience to identify the ideas that are most likely to succeed. 

PersonaPanels technology offers a better way for clients to optimize their new message and product ideas and refine these messages and product ideas with AI Millennial Personas. Then use the engaging FastFocus testing system to predict the ideas that will be most likely to succeed with Millennial consumers.


Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle is the leading market research cloud, fusing the best technology and solutions together to help businesses succeed in a world of unprecedented change.

As a Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) Partner, FastFocus offers Fuel Cycle customers the predictive power of our highly behavioral customer intelligence solutions.

 See how the answers and insights you need today can be found at a fraction of the resources, time, and costs of traditional research.