Are your calls to action being answered?


Digital tools and channels have dramatically transformed the way buyers choose to purchase.

They’re more empowered, and more inclined to research online before reaching out to a sales rep. Because of digital, the fate of marketing campaigns and sales pipelines are very much in the hands of the buyer. Despite this shift in power, a large number of organizations still haven’t adopted a customer-centric approach to marketing and selling.

While many brands spend an enormous amount of time and dollars on market research, it all too often disappoints.

The market research tools we’ve been using since the moon landing don’t connect with todays digital customers.

FastFocus connects with digital natives in ways traditional market research can’t. With 93% of participants completing our market studies, the FastFocus mobile-first platform delivers the ideal customer you need to compete and win.

With FastFocus, brands and agencies can embed our platform across their entire marketing campaign design cycle, enabling brand lift and providing actionable intelligence for all aspects of their marketing campaign.



A global fast food company wanted a pulse check on marketing concepts in three days, not three weeks.

Our clients demand data to inform all our advertising, branding, messaging and creative decisions. But, in our biz so many decision get made in a day or less. FastFocus is the only tool that can do this. It’s fast, actionable, and cost effective!
— Anne B., FastFocus client

The FastFocus Advantage

FastFocus is a real-time research platform that enables marketers and creatives, brands, and agencies to interact with targeted consumers and receive engaged qualitative and quantitative feedback in mere hours, not weeks.

Our offering is comprehensive and at a fraction of the price. Research findings show that FastFocus offers insights that are superior to rank ordering of respondent favorites, surfacing purchase intent, reach, and passion.


 See how the answers and insights you need today can be found at a fraction of the resources, time, and costs of traditional research.