If you want to win millennials: Swipe right


The market research tools we’ve been using since the moon landing don’t connect with millennials and Gen Z. And if you can’t reach these digital natives, say goodbye to your brand.

Both of these cohorts transact almost entirely in the global mobile e-commerce marketplace. We've learned that this key demographic is indifferent to intrusive, time-wasting surveys and that they want to see a benefit. For them, that means an experience that's inspired by the best gaming, dating, and shopping apps. And, rewards for "playing." Because they live on mobile, that's where WE are.

With FastFocus, you can create game-like market studies to test concepts, designs, and messaging in minutes! (It’s DIY, or FastFocus can take on the task.) Publish these to targeted sets of millennial and Gen Z consumers, using your own or we can find your research panel via our partners. Get trusted feedback and analytics in real-time.


With FastFocus, brands and agencies can embed our platform across their entire workflow: supporting product innovation, enabling M-commerce brand lift and providing actionable intelligence for all aspects of marketing.


 See how the answers and insights you need today can be found at a fraction of the resources, time, and costs of traditional research.