Prove it!


Proving that FastFocus is a faster, better, and more cost-effective mobile-first market research solution.

If it’s too good to be true, it often is. So, we realized that apart from client success stories and testimonials, that we needed to assess our product with detachment and the same rigor with which it was built. Our data scientists evaluated our UX and benchmarked our methodologies against their legacy counterparts. Together, these three white papers are described and appended below. If you have any queries about them, please send us an email at

FastFocus Passion Score®

This summer Google posted the top trends in ice cream. While a little more than half were typical frozen fare – vanilla and chocolate – the remainder were Asian-inspired, from Matcha to Trader Joe’s new flavor Ube (purple yam). 

This paper, then, looks at our work with a name brand New England premium ice cream manufacturer and explains the philosophy and underpinnings of FastFocus, including our Passion Score®.

The Passion Score allows differentiating between the top options and identifying the size and intensity of consumers who feel strongly about the idea.


FastFocus vs. Rank Order

Here, FastFocus goes head to head against Rank Order.

We share where FastFocus wins the day, as well as where Rank Order is preferable.

Some findings:

FastFocus allows greater differentiation among the top choices.

FastFocus naturally creates a rank ordering of the ideas, but it also allows capturing consumers’ general affinity toward the products and ideas.


FastFocus vs. Likert 

FastFocus more accurately identified the passionate subgroups for each idea. This comes in handy if you want to pilot more than one idea and can support a potential cult offering like Matcha… or Ube. (Kudo’s to Trader Joe’s!) 

Universal affinity (respondents like many or most of the ideas) creates problems for Likert, while this was not an issue for FastFocus.


“Our clients demand data to inform all our advertising, branding, messaging, and creative decisions. But, in our business so many decision get made in a day or less. FastFocus is the only tool that can do this. It’s fast, actionable and cost-effective!”



Ask Your Customers
for Predictions, Not Preferences

Julie Wittes Schlack

Companies spend an enormous amount of time and dollars on market research, and all too often it disappoints. You can ask customers to rate anything – product appeal, uniqueness, purchase intent — on a five-point scale, but if you’ve ever run such a test you’ve probably seen lots of results in which every option scores a 3.5. Even when there is a clear winner, that top-rated concept often bombs when it actually hits the market.


The Need For Marketing Speed

Marsha Lindsay, CEO, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

Despite all the changes in the world of business the last few years, one thing hasn’t changed:

You either grow. Or you die. A recent study published in the Cambridge Journal of Economics confirms that: “If you don’t grow, bankruptcy is practically certain.”

This growth imperative means most every company’s strat plan demands new and better innovations to be launched and marketed.


CPG at the Tipping Point: How Brands Can Win in the New Routes to Market


With consumer packaged goods increasingly moving to digital shelves, the old ways of promoting brands are obsolete. Brand providers will need to rethink product value, meet consumers’ digital and physical ‘moments of need’ and enhance visibility in their demand-based fulfillment models.


 See how the answers and insights you need today can be found at a fraction of the resources, time, and costs of traditional research.